Is It Necessary To Remain Anonymous While Streaming Restricted Content?

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Being a huge fan of TV shows and such, one naturally prefers streaming them online conveniently at their own preferred time. Being a sappy TV show fan, over the years I have found many workarounds of how to stream them online – most importantly have figured out the dos and don’ts.

Now there are many shows and live events that I’m super fond of but the problem is that there are blocked in all countries other than United States or the United Kingdom. Not just that, same is true for many other services like Spotify and more.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all the problems involving these regional restrictions! There are some fine methods of overcoming the hurdles and enjoying your shows from anywhere.

Such methods include:

  1. Tor Browser

This is a browser that lets you use the Tor software which protects you and lets you access sites which are blocked. The thing with this though is that the speed is reduced. But the worst thing is that higher authorities can monitor and track your internet connection, even if they cannot find your real IP address as it doesn’t encrypt your traffic.

  1. Proxy

You can use a proxy website or use a proxy service easily. Use a browser extension that will unblock the content you want to see but the downside is that you will not have great speed.

  1. MediaHint

This is an extension for chrome and Firefox. Once acquired, it automatically unblocks content from Hulu, Pandora, Rdio and even Netflix. It used to be on Chrome Store, but it is not available there anymore so you have to install it manually.

  1. Free VPN

A free VPN essentially provides gateway to blocked content along with anonymity, however FREE VPN is not really as favorable as it seems. This is because they record all your data activity and do not have any zero logging policy. Other than that, you cannot freely change server to meet the restriction requirements and free loaders make it difficult to get good speed anyway.

All of these are great ways of unblocking geo-restricted channels but they have major drawbacks. While you are unblocking channels from any location at all, you are being surveilled. All your activities are recorded and you can still be stalked by either these providers or your internet service provider.

What is the best solution to stream restricted content?

The ultimate best and wise solution is to USE A VPN! A VPN service that is subscription based is the best bet! What it does is it not only unblocks geo-restrictions but it also keeps you anonymous! It keeps all your activity secure and doesn’t keep any records of it even with themselves. It gives you access to any region blocked streaming content out there while providing higher security than any of the other methods.

Features of a paid VPN service that give it edge over other services are:

  1. Selection of server of choice
  2. Unlimited server switches to suit your needs of unblocking desirable content
  3. Keeps activities anonymous
  4. Doesn’t keep logs
  5. Provides multi logins to secure more than just one device
  6. 256-bit encryption to secure data
  7. Makes your live location untraceable
  8. Streaming conveniently without significant drops in speed

Why is it necessary to stay anonymous while streaming?

While all these features are great, the question that arises is that WHY do you need these in the first place? Is unblocking not enough? Why do you need anonymity alongside?

Well the reasons are simple yet very important for a user to understand and be aware of. It is necessary for you to be anonymous in case you are streaming content that is otherwise unattainable and is illegal to stream in your region. You will then be tracked through your ISP, sent DMCA notices and in extreme cases may even be taken to jail. Such has happened before while torrenting and while many got off the hook by paying hefty fines others did face jail time.

Then there are cybercriminals such as hackers and other third parties who make it their mission to acquire all sensitive data, personal or business, on your device.

There are plenty of more reasons why anonymity is an absolute must, however, the ones mentioned above are the major and most integral ones that you need to be careful of.

Why are websites blocked?

Why most content and websites are blocked in the first place is because they fall under government censorship and copyright issues. The government takes it up as their responsibility to block websites which support freedom of speech, illegal pirating, terrorism, pornography or any other data that is copyrighted for a particular channel operating in a specific country.

Error messages you may receive indicating geo-restriction:

To familiarize you with the indications of geo-restrictions and need of a top VPN service to unblock content, below are some error messages you may see on your screen while accessing channels like HBO, Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar and many more:

“To access HBO GO, you must reside within the fifty states of the United States of America.”

“We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States.”

BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues.”

“Sky Go is only available to users connecting from within the UK or Republic of Ireland. You appear to be outside of these territories.”

“You are not allowed to watch this video: Geo-Fencing Restriction.”

“Geographic restrictions apply (1005). This video isn’t available. Due to licensing restrictions, we can only offer this video to our United States customers.”

“The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available in Your Country.”


A VPN should give you access to pretty much any content you want without the fear of torrenting or streaming. Learn from other’s mistakes, take my advice and stream freely with anonymity and mental peace!


Rafid Athar Biography:

Rafid Athar is a marketing professional-turned-tech writer who has a successful career at FastestVPN that made a drastic change when his interest in technology and international cyber laws became evident. Rafid’s love for new technology is profound and well addressed.

How to Protect Your Business from Data Breaches

Protect Your Business from Data Breaches

The internet is undoubtedly one of the best inventions mankind has given to itself. It’s an endless repository of information. But while the internet is place of resource, it can also be dangerous. In today’s digital world, information security is of utmost important. It’s much more important for enterprises.

Companies that hold crucial information, such as customer data, are always under the risk of cybercrime. For example, an online retailer that stores information like credit card number and billing address of thousands or millions of customers. Such businesses are vulnerable to malicious attacks.

It is crucial for any such business to protect itself against security breaches. Customers trust businesses to protect sensitive information. One bad accident can alienate long-term customers. But with technology becoming more advanced, businesses have to stay updated on the latest security tools and practices to combat the challenges of data security.

Technology is penetrating deeply in our lives. There are more digital devices around them than ever before, and that presents a greater challenge of keeping them safe from malware.

An example of how cyber-attack can topple corporations is the 2011 cyber-attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network when approximately 77 million accounts were breached. The gaming service was down temporarily after a massive attack brought down the network. There were also reported theft of user data like credit card information. Sony faced customer backlash, and the service remained unavailable for a month.

Another recent example is Facebook. The social media giant reported that millions of users were affected by data theft. The news sparked global outrage and put Facebook under scrutiny. Facebook’s CEO had to appear before the Congress to testify the aspects of the social media platform.

In light of such light, the kind of impact a security breach can have on a company’s reputation and goodwill among customers. Here are some of the practices you can instill in your business to prevent security accidents.

Multi-layered protection

A multi-layered protection is a combination of multiple security methods. It includes web filtering, scanning emails attachments, keeping operating systems up to date with the latest security patches, encrypted data exchange, and setting up firewall.

Educating employees on security

An effective security defense can only happen if the employees are aware of the threats. They must know why it’s important to have data security. They then have to be trained to stay vigilante, use best practices, and stay vigilante of potential cyber threats.

Training also includes asking employees to use strong passwords for their corporate accounts. Company emails should be protected with the same measure. Two-factor authentication on accounts should be deemed necessary.

Seminars on cybersecurity should be conducted in the organization or employees be encouraged to participate in them.

Prevent Data Leakage

Keep data on constant monitoring. Prevent data leakage by detecting lapses in security and fixing them immediately.

Use Anti-virus protection

Anti-virus is a must for computers. One malicious piece of code can potentially wreak havoc. Invest in a reliable anti-virus and malware protection and set it up on every employee’s PC as well as on the network. Keep the anti-virus database up to date to stay safe against the latest threats.

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to encrypt internet traffic so that business operations are not susceptible to intrusions. There should also be a clear access privileges, so that only select people have access to sensitive data.

Develop a response plan

While running a business, one should always be prepared for the worst. Business should develop a response plan in an event there’s a data breach. This involves notifying relevant figures in the organization and getting security experts to analyze what was compromised and fix the security hole.

In severe cases, you may also need to contact authorities, the FBI may get involved in major data breaches.


These are some of the practices your business can follow to prevent data breaches. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to train employees. It’s a collective effort between the people setting up the security infrastructure and the people working in the organization.

Failure to protect customer can severely damage a business’ reputation to the point that customers will be reluctant to use the service. It spells disaster for a business, such as an e-commerce platform, where the entire operation revolves around customers using the service to purchase items.

Whether you’re a small business or a large-scale enterprise, a solid web marketing strategy should one of the fundamental pillars of your business operations.

Rafid Athar Biography:

Rafid Athar is a marketing professional-turned-tech writer who has a successful career at FastestVPN that made a drastic change when his interest in technology and international cyber laws became evident. Rafid’s love for new technology is profound and well addressed.

How A VPN Tunnel Works

I will let the diagram below give you a visual of how a Virtual Private Network (VPN) works, and how a VPN can protect you.  The VPN connection encrypts your data so others are not able to see your personal information.  The other positive benefit is your IP address remains hidden, you can pick your own location to connect to.  For example:  Instead of your home IP address leaking all your data out of Detroit, your VPN IP address will tell websites you visit that you are from Sweden, while your data stays encrypted.


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