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Pepe – The Back Door Man

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Patriot Candle Co – Review

I like to use candles for aroma therapy, and well because they make the place smell nice.  A friend introduced me to Patriot Candle Co.  I tried the Dr Teals candles with no real luck.  So the first candle I got was the lavender candle from  When I removed the lid, my nostrils were hit with a very strong lavender smell.  In a hurry to try it out, I lit the candle after work.  The lavender aroma filled the air, it was exactly what I was looking for.

I have tried other candles with some luck, but usually always get disappointed.  I was very pleased to have found Patriot Candle Co, and will conduct further business with them.  The candles come professionally wrapped, and in my experience, came a day early in the mail.  Did I mention the candles are made in the USA!?!?  I will be reviewing more candles from Patriot Candle Co. I will be adding them to this page.  Stay tuned for some more candle reviews, and in the mean time, swing on by and use promo code:  BAKEDCAT to save 10% on your order.  Trust me you will not be disappointed.