We cleaned house.

At the time this site/blog was created, it was when big tech was beginning to censor users.  Content was banned, sites were more or less penalized, (no blue check mark from twatter, if your don’t comply) and as more of a personal “Fuck you” to all those big tech types, the little hellion inside wanted to create a place so vile, yet also preserve some of the craziest content that brilliant minds imagined.  Felt it needed more sunlight for it’s value.

Through analytics we could see a steady stream of users heading directly to certain content.  You could literally pick any post which stated fact, scroll down, and if lucky catch a .gif of a dude spraying grey matter.  Really burns the credibility of the fact you just absorbed.  You always need criticism.  It’s what makes you better, stronger, or puts you in the right direction.  If you are doing something wrong, fix it.  But how do you know, if no one tells you, or you don’t realize you are doing something wrong?  We seen how we looked from the outside.  Basically a belly filled with hate.  A shithole.  Fuck CNN, we ain’t no shithole.

Seeing the political mess in D.C., the fake news garbage barrage that hits every day, realization really sank in.  You can’t help much when toxic level is over 9000.  So we have trashed, and deleted over 1.269 posts.  Leaving only our videos, and other content of factual information that can be useful.  We don’t want to feed the hate.  Tired AF of the current state of things.  Ready for shit to settle down, so we all can live the good life.  Will focus on the truth side of things, and stop feeding the negative.


Trashed Posts

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