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The Baked Cat is always looking for real writers.  Not the kind that write a shit-piece in hopes it drives up page views.  The type of writers I’m looking for get to the facts and source their content.

If you are a writer, or would like to contribute you can.  The following steps can guide you:

  1. Register with The Baked Cat. You become a Contributor at registration.
  2. Catch my attention,  either by form or by email, that you have something ready.  I can bump your privilege up.  (Could be slight delay if not noticed in pending posts.)
  3. Content should be relevant, but I can always expand. There are a few categories to chose from, I can always add more.  If content is obviously spun,  or is spam by any other definition.  It will not be accepted.
  4. Once everything is set, it can then be published from there.  Pretty easy.

If there is anything else I can be of help with, or perhaps you just need to contact me.  You can email me at  Or use the contact us form below.

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