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When Your Phone Cleaner Is Red Pilled

George Floyd – Don’t Be a Menace

George Floyd – Don’t Be a Menace

Cow Farts

Let’s Go Brandon – Fuck Joe Biden

Hysterical moments in US history. . .

Let's Go Brandon

Let’s Go Brandon!

Fuck Joe Biden!

George Carlin – National Press Club 1999

I grew up watching and listening to George Carlin.  His way of words, and art of making you think, always left me spellbound.  I have read Brain Droppings, and have several of his skits nearly memorized.  He was always a little philosopher to me.   In browsing through the Tube, I came across an oldie from May 13, 1999, at the National Press Club.  He basically predicts the problem of political correctness, and seems to pinpoint the problems of Congress rather eloquently.  So for this reason I thought to share a little throwback Carlin.

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