Parsa Vs. Google

I thought some more public attention may be required to this Parsa Vs. Google case.  I have checked both Bing, and Google search results for “news” regarding this case. No surprise, you won’t find much under “news” at least.  Have a look for yourself when you get a chance.  The “News” has it buried.

In an election year, with very high odds against the Democrats, Joe Biden is China’s best friend.  I can see who China wants to win.  Can we start an investigation into Chinese election interference into the 2020 United States Presidential Election now for the Chinese Virus?  Anyway, here is the list of defendants:

  • Google L.L.C
    Barack Hussein Obama
    Joe Biden
    Hunter Biden
    Hilary Clinton
    Eric Shmidt
    John O. Brennon
    Warren Buffet
    James Comey
    Andrew McCabe
    James Clapper
    Facebook Inc
    DeepMind Inc
    Alphabet Inc
    The World Bank
    Neuralink Inc
    Tesla Inc
    Larry Page
    Sergey Brin
    Sundar Pichai
    Mark Zuckerberg
    Elon Musk
    Jeff Bezos
    Bill Gates
    CISON PR NewsWire
    Cable News Network
    Anderson Cooper
    Don Lemon
    Rachel Maddow
    Washington Post
    New York Times
    Time Magazine
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Adam Schiff
    Wyss Institute
    George Soros
    Soros Fund Management
    Open Society Foundations
    University of Vermont
    Joshua Bongard and Sam Kriegman. Rockefeller Foundation
    Boston Dynamics
    Hanson Robotics
    Didi Chuxing
    Megvii Face++
    ICarbon X
    Chinese Communist Party
    & John Doe’s 1-Unlimited

Some may have troubles seeing what could be the “silent enemy”.  Have a good read into the lawsuit, see what it alleges, see what is the “Chinese Virus”.

Parsa Vs. Google In house PDF download.

Quick update (03/27/2020) Cyrus Parsa‘s GoFundMe is picking up steam.  If you’d like to help him with his case against Google the following link will take you there.

Another quick point to make, this is not all Chinese people, this is the Chinese Communist Party.  The Chinese people are victims as well, the sudden rise in hate crimes is not going to help them, nor anyone else.  Cut the shit please.  Look at the source, not the victims.

Another update (06/06/2020) Indicates that he was not able to properly serve anyone, so the Court dismissed the case without prejudice.  Thank you Cyrus, for bringing this to the Worlds attention.

Source:  14421961-0–12599

Parsa Vs Google