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Mad Maxine Pad Waters

Mad Maxine

Mad Maxine Waters Ed


Mad Maxine Pad Waters, this bitch, done flipped her lid a long time ago.  Was just digging through the old Clinton Emails.

Maxine Waters.

Wikileaks Mad Maxine

Mad Maxine Pad Waters

Mad Maxine Waters

Mad Maxine Waters

You want to open your putrid crusty old trap Maxine Pad?  (  I’ll help shut it for you.  One more for the road.

Only 3 Bills

Joe Biden And China

Did a little light digging, may very well add to this as/if more seems relevant.  Joe Biden and his son Hunter, do indeed have ties with China, and hopefully even this light digging may point that out for you.

If Joe Biden says he’s never been to China.  That’s bullshit.

Xi Jinping Joe Biden  (August 18, 2011 )

Joe Biden IN China (November 27, 2013) (December 05, 2013)

Xi Jinping with Joe Biden  ()


If Joe Biden says no ties, or skirts around questions, about his son and China.  He’s also bullshitting.

Hunter and Joe Go To China

But Wait There's More

A serious China problem. . .


Joe Bidens Serious China Problem

Remember he’s Sleepy Creepy Full of Shit Uncle Joe Biden.

Thank you for still rocking it all these ages.

Facebook Employee Jumps to Death

The fuck Zuck?  Ban them for 30 days for a meme?

Facebook Employee Jumps to Death


Sleepy Creepy Full of Shit Uncle Joe Biden

His nickname is reaching levels not seen before. . .

Sleepy Creepy Full of Shit Joe Biden

Bruce Ohr – The DOJ – The Dossier

In a freshly obtain Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch, we now are able to see Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s involvement in the “dirty dossier.”

Bruce Ohr And The Dirty Dossier

Some of Bruce Ohr’s flight logs.

Bruce Ohr's Flight Logs

A couple of things I noticed, about the Honduras flight logs.   To start with on October the 9th, the reservations where “Reserved by:  Ella Misma.”  Which translates to “herself.”

Ella Misma

Looking for timestamps Moody’s Investors Service upgraded the Government of Honduras’ credit rating to B1.  (October 09, 2017), and basically one year later a “caravan of Honduran migrants making their way to the US” (

Sir Ohr-iface

Officially Dubbed

Sir Ohriface


The Kremlins Newest Hybrid Warfare Asset: Gangsters


Looks Like Pantifa don’t it?

Pantifa LitePage #190-191 Bruce & Nelly Discussion from January 25th, 2017

Page 190 Nellie Ohr to Bruce Ohr

Page 191

JudicialWatch (PDF Download)

Bruce Ohr. The DOJ, & The Dossier (PDF – In House Download)Ohr Play Joke