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The Baked Cat is always looking to expand.  We can webmaster your site for you, provide consultation, and can also provides SEO services.  You are always welcome to reach out to us, we can discuss further.  Shoot us a line with your budget, and we will be happy to work something out for you.  We have been working on websites for nearly 10 years.  We have kept up with the times, and continue to dominate on search engines.

If you have anything you would like to contribute, or share, we are open to guest posts, and here is our advice if you would like to guest post.

  1. Register with The Baked Cat. You become a Contributor at registration.
  2. Content should be relevant, but we can always expand. We do have a few categories, we can always add more.
  3. Once you have your post ready, we can publish from there.  Pretty easy.

If there is anything else we can be of help with, or perhaps you just want to contact us.  The form below is a great way to do so.

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