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Hunter Biden’s Pattern of Mixing Business With Charity

Memos gathered by the FBI show, the charitable talks turned into an expanding relationship between Hunter Biden and Chinese energy giant CEFC including business deals that ended up giving the Biden family millions of dollars.

Source:  China

Source:  Re_ Guest list for 16th-redascted

Source:  Scott Oh



John Durham continues exposing Clinton spying network used to target President Trump and his associates.

Source: Exhibit A

Source: Exhibit B

Source: Exhibit C

Ukraine on Fire – Oliver Stone Documentary

Ukraine on Fire is a documentary by Oliver Stone.  A must watch.

Corporate Integrity Agreement Between The OIG HHS And Pfizer

Here is the Corporate Integrity Agreement between the OIG, HHS, and Pfizer.

Source: Pfizer_Inc_05232018


Violations of The Nuremberg Code Brought To The International Criminal Court

Here’s the 46 page legal filing that Dr. Mike Yeadon and others are filing to the International Criminal Court for violating the Nuremberg code.

Source: icc-complaint-7



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