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Kissinger Met With Xi Ahead of Trump G20 Meeting

On November 8, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Source:  (Nov 8, 2019)  TheDiplomat.com

Archive: https://archive.is/hXN3P

Kissinger:  “Foothills of a Cold War.”

Source: (Nov 17, 2019)  Bloomberg.com

Archive:  https://archive.is/Qe9C5

Note:  The first case of the novel coronavirus emerged on November 17th, according to Chinese government data reviewed by the South China Morning Post.


Kissinger Calls for a New World Order

Source:  (04/07/2020)  Newsmax.com

Archive:  https://archive.is/vkos1


Joe Biden And China

Did a little light digging, may very well add to this as/if more seems relevant.  Joe Biden and his son Hunter, do indeed have ties with China, and hopefully even this light digging may point that out for you.

If Joe Biden says he’s never been to China.  That’s bullshit.

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If Joe Biden says no ties, or skirts around questions, about his son and China.  He’s also bullshitting.



A serious China problem. . .




Remember he’s Sleepy Creepy Full of Shit Uncle Joe Biden.

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