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Petition For Unredacted OIG Report

As previously discussed in our post entitled: OIG Report On Hillary Clinton Email Scandal, the report released was a watered down, redacted version of the original OIG report.  Rod Rosenstein tried to ‘clean it up’.  Please sign the petition, so we all can learn the full truth, and nothing but the truth.  Petition link below.

petition for unredacted OIG report

Petition: Unredacted declassification of the Department of Justice Inspector General report for public viewing.

Thank you for helping shine light on darkness.


Twitter Suspends – The Baked Cat

Checked on Twitter for the latest feeds, get hit with this bullshit.  Nothing appears to be removed.

twitter censorship


Then checked email.  Banned for calling them out on their bullshit.

twtter email to baked catWas originally going to use the word “cocksuckers”, instead of “eavesdroppers”, but apparently both are true.


OIG Report On Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

This could be the Rod Rosenstein modified, with redactions version.

Download your own copy at Justice.gov

Before & After Fluoride

before and after fluoride

Triggering Victory Be Like

triggering victory be like