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How A VPN Tunnel Works

I will let the diagram below give you a visual of how a Virtual Private Network (VPN) works, and how a VPN can protect you.  The VPN connection encrypts your data so others are not able to see your personal information.  The other positive benefit is your IP address remains hidden, you can pick your own location to connect to.  For example:  Instead of your home IP address leaking all your data out of Detroit, your VPN IP address will tell websites you visit that you are from Sweden, while your data stays encrypted.


We are not the type to hype just anything up for no reason.  I first found out about Private Internet Access VPN’s while looking for a duo alternative for my Linux, and my Windows boxes.  Downloaded an old friend  OpenVPN, but was on a limited plan.  I could either try and get all my friends to join, hoping for more VPN time, or pay.

Decided to pay.  Unlimited access.  Have had nothing but great results and up-time!  PIA VPN is perfect for the Novice user, who wants to feel safe shopping online.  It’s also great for the more skilled user, in the event one needs to jump IP’s in a hurry.  There are several locations to chose from.  PIA even works on your smart phones.  There is an app in the stores that setups, and installs in no time.

Check out PrivateInternetAccess for yourself.  See why we recommend it.