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FBI Covered Up Potential Violations of Law by Hillary Clinton

FOIA docs from Judicial Watch reveal Obama FBI coverup of potential Hillary Clinton crimes.



FBI Hillary Clinton Cover Up


State Strzok Page Emails


FOIA Via Judicial Watch

In house PDF Download:  JW-v-State-Strzok-Page-Emails-production-5-00154

Senate Request Second Special Council – AG Response

US Senate Judiciary Committee Request For 2nd Special Council

US Senate Judiciary Committee Request

Source:  judiciary.senate.gov (PDF Download)

Source:  2018-03-15 CEG LG JC TT to AG DAG (Special Counsel) (PDF Download)



AG Letter In Response

AG Letter

Source:  assets.documentcloud.org  (PDF Download)

Source:  AG Letter Re IG and Huber Reviews  (PDF Download)