How A VPN Tunnel Works

Will let the diagram below explain how a VPN works, and how it protects you.



We are not the type to hype some shit up for no reason.  I first found out about Private Internet Access VPN’s while looking for a duo alternative for my Linux, and my Windows boxes.  Downloaded an old friend, OpenVPN, but was on a limited gig plan.  I could either get all my friends to join, hoping for more VPN time, or pay for a year.   Look below, you will see the affordability, and the features (Including Unlimited Bandwidth).


Have had nothing but good service, and great up-time from PIA.  Perfect for the novice, who just wants to be secure, and very handy for the skilled, to jump locations in a hurry.   The other thing you’ll find amazing is there is an ap you can download, so you can use it on your smart phones, and possibly even iFags.

We enjoy sharing laughs, and bringing happiness to peoples faces.  We also love triggering people for our own amusement.  However we are a loyal bunch, and when we see a product or a service that actually works, and is good for the consumer, we stand behind it.  It’s a great service.  Don’t just take our word for it.

Check it out:  PrivateInternetAccess VPN’s

Petition For Unredacted OIG Report

As previously discussed in our post entitled: OIG Report On Hillary Clinton Email Scandal, the report released was a watered down, redacted version of the original OIG report.  Rod Rosenstein tried to ‘clean it up’.  Please sign the petition, so we all can learn the full truth, and nothing but the truth.  Petition link below.

petition for unredacted OIG report

Petition: Unredacted declassification of the Department of Justice Inspector General report for public viewing.

Thank you for helping shine light on darkness.


Internet Bill Of Rights Pt. 2

When fighting against those trying to silence our voices, there was a little trouble the first go around.  The Internet Bill Of Rights petition (or #IBOR) is back in circulation. We wish to give a bump to this cause.

internet bill of rights petition 18Email verification is required for your voice to be counted.  Please sign, and help spread the word.  You can sign the petition here:  Internet Bill Of Rights 



#InternetBillOfRights – Internet Bill Of Rights

internet bill of rights
Internet forums and social networks which provide free access to the public are a digital place of assembly, and individuals using such methods for public communication should not be subjected to censorship due to political beliefs or differing ideas. Conservative voices on many large public website platforms are being censored, based solely on a differing opinion. Some of these platforms further employ tracking mechanisms for monitoring an individual’s digital history, which can be used to censor the individual’s public communication through various censorship practices, sometimes without knowledge or awareness. These actions directly violate personal liberty and stand at contrast with the bill of rights. We the people demand action to bring our digital future into the light.

We have witnessed online censorship on more than one platform.   From Twitter banning Rodger Stone.   Youtube censoring multiple voices, and videos.  From gun demonstration videos, to Alex Jones, and other Conservative, and Libertarian Voices.  Facebook faces it’s collapse for gross abuse of our perosnal information. Now the FTC Announces Facebook Investigation Citing ‘Substantial Concerns’ About Privacy Practices.

It’s time to stand up for our First Amendment Right on the internet as well as in public.  Sign the petition, help Make The Internet Great Again.  Stop online censorship.  We as the ‘consumer’ demand protection from unnecessary surveillance, and targeted ads based on our sold data.


Editor’s Note.  Even if you don’t agree with the dark humor, or views expressed on this site, or perhaps your ass gets hurt when you pay us a visit.  We all have the right to gather peacefully, exchange information, and petition the Government.  We are all one, and need to unite.  We are much stronger together than ever alone.  -TBC