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President Trump – Independence Day Salute To America

Watch President Trumps Salute to America live via Right Side Broadcasting Network.

President Trump Salute To America


President Trump – Mount Rushmore Fireworks

President Trump speaks at Mount Rushmore, followed by fireworks. Watch below via Fox 10 Phoenix, since Youtube removed Right Side Broadcasting Network‘s footage.

President Trump - Mount Rushmore Fireworks


Ghislaine Maxwell Indicted On Sex Trafficking Charges

Ghislaine Maxwell was Indicted on 6 different counts, including sex trafficking of minors.  (07/02/2020)

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested on Sex Trafficking Charges

Source:  The Guardian

Source:  pacer.gov

In house download:  Ghislaine Maxwell


Hunter Biden Flight Logs

JudicialWatch.org obtains Secret Service records showing Hunter Biden took 411 flights, and visited 29 Countries.

Hunter Biden Flight Logs

Source:  JudicialWatch.org

Source:  JustTheNews.com

Source:  Hunter-Biden-travel-June-2020-FOIA


Turning Point Action – Phoenix Arizona

President Trump Speaks to Young Americans at Turning Point Action Convention in Phoenix. Watch below Via Right Side Broadcasting Network.


Turning Point Action Phoenix Arizona