Fox News Smoking Crack?

Citing one link from Bloomberg, (Bloomberg cites nothing at all in reference.) this graced the front web page of FoxNews.  The video has no news in relationship to this “Top Story”, just an attack on the North Koreans, with what sounds like warmongering.   If this was verified, even un-verified, it’s the “Fake News”, they’d shit themselves over it.   I’ve checked.   No peep.  WTF Faux News?




Update (05/31/2019 18:00 hrs)  “Fake News”  Shits itself.  Though I’d hate to give them any credit, they have more of an arms length approach.  Or MAYBE. . .  “They” knew it was fake all along?


Is this what you are worried about from .org and .info websites?

When it comes to important information, it usually seems to get buried.  What holds the top of search engines is mostly opinion based distortions and hyperventilations of the actual truth from .com websites.  Though I revel in joy over the No Name Mating Dolphins still at #1 on Google search.  It’s still the truth.  How did that happen?  lol

McCain Mating Dolphins

When I find information that is important, I tend to share it.  Even with my low numbers, imagine 1,850 people sharing on social media.  The reach that generates magnifies.

I will fight you assholes every inch of the way, if you decide to jack prices, silence voices, or harm other non-profits through actions you are currently debating.  Most are tax exempt.  You taking over as tax man?  To me truth, no matter how ugly or painful, is more vital than feeling good, being misled, or the glamorization of ignorant false idols.  The news is meant to inform the public.  Unfortunately for the “News”, there are people reporting accurately.  They are doing this from their own hearts, and from their own good consciences.  Not a 6 figure income.

My view is from my vantage point.  I worry more about free speech and free press being stepped on.  I push the limits.  I see this as a way to silence, or in some way push others, including myself, off the internet.  Even if exempt for 10 years as a grandfather clause.  Your rate increases will affect other people (many tax-exempt) from sharing their voice and services.  They will get off the ground, then be snuffed out if they can not raise the funds.

Are The Powers That Be screeching autistically at you to silence .org, and .info sites?  Did you sell out to the Chinese?  Perhaps you just don’t like free speech?  You feelz bad that people like myself, and others, can speak their mind?  Power of free thinking?  Power of FREE press?  Think about what you are doing.  Think about what minds are out there and their skill sets.  You will lose.  No threat, just that 5 letter word your are scared of.


Editor’s Update:  (Because I CANN.)

What a piss poor example you are leading by allowing a documented sweatshop owner, keys to his own online vehicle.  Next you want to squeeze every last penny out of those of us who are not in it for the money.  Pull your head from your ass.

The Baked Cat

Slipknot – New Album – Tragic Loss

Words can not express the sadness in my heart for Clown and the loss of his daughter.  The passing of his loved one came as the band is getting ready to release their new album We Are Not Your Kind.

My hearts with you, your family, and the band.  Stay strong, you have a World full of maggots that are grieving along with you.

Fox News:  Slipknot drummer Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’s daughter posted sobriety chip on Instagram days before her death

Rolling Stone:  Slipknot Preview New Album With Unsparing Headbanger ‘Unsainted’ 


The Baked Cat