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KAG 2020 Rally – Des Moines Iowa

President Trump held a Keep America Great rally Today in Des Moines, Iowa.  Watch via:  FoxNews below.


House Democrats Release First Witness Transcripts

Bullschitt from the beginning, proven once the Ukraine phone call transcript was released. Still Bullschitt in not upholding a fair and balanced playing field. You can witness this for yourself as your read. It’s in plain text, the bias, and the fuckery afoot. This whole thing is a scam. Again as you read, you begin to see just how much so. Another waste of tax payer money, another bullshit witch hunt.

Too large of a file for scribd, but have the file none the less.  Rather than scrape through the news.  Here it is for you.

Closet Democrats Release First Transcripts (In House Mobile Friendly PDF Archive.  105MB)

Source:  docs.house.gov

Liddle Adam Deep Schitt

Digging a little further on the under belly of the internet, so thought, “Hey! Let’s take another Schitt.”  So basically this is Liddle Adam Schitt Part 2.  Will start with current and try to go in order from newest to oldest.  Enjoy.

breitbart.com (October 3, 2019)

1776again.com (February 2, 2018 *Original Date*) Not a big Corsi fan, (in fact he blocked me on Twitter. lol) but he has his Schitt together sometimes.

qmap.pub (February 1 2018)

wehoville.com (January 31, 2018)

thehill.com (June 20, 2006)

I’m sure you’ll find the other stuff too.  Happy digging.

Liddle Adam Schitt

Liddle Adam Schitt digs.