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Turning Point Action – Phoenix Arizona

President Trump Speaks to Young Americans at Turning Point Action Convention in Phoenix. Watch below Via Right Side Broadcasting Network.


Turning Point Action Phoenix Arizona


KAG 2020 Rally – Tulsa Oklahoma

President Trump to hold first MAGA rally since COVID-19 impacted the World.  Watch live via Right Side Broadcasting Network.

KAG 2020 Rally


Pain Coming – Q Proof

Pain Coming

Pretty undeniable proof, capped from qanon.pub.


#WWG1WGA #Qanon

President Trump’s Town Hall – Scranton Pennsylvania

President Trump held a town hall with FoxNews in Scranton, PA today.  Watch below via Amp News.



President Trumps Town Hall

KAG 2020 Rally – North Charleston South Carolina

President Trump held a Keep America Great Rally in North Charleston, South Carolina today.  Watch below via: Fauxnews


KAG 2020 Rally