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Hunter Biden Flight Logs

JudicialWatch.org obtains Secret Service records showing Hunter Biden took 411 flights, and visited 29 Countries.

Source:  JudicialWatch.org

Source:  JustTheNews.com

Source: Hunter-Biden-travel-June-2020-FOIA


Chuck Grassley to Secret Service – Hunter Biden Conflicts of Interest

Senator Chuck Grassley (R) Iowa sent a letter to the Secret Service in regards to Hunter Biden and his travels while in China.   The letter is seeking answers to possible conflicts of interest.  Read below:

Source:  grassley.senate.gov


Joe Biden And China

Did a little light digging, may very well add to this as/if more seems relevant.  Joe Biden and his son Hunter, do indeed have ties with China, and hopefully even this light digging may point that out for you.

If Joe Biden says he’s never been to China.  That’s bullshit.

china.org.cn  (August 18, 2011 )

BBC.com (November 27, 2013)

TheDiplomat.com (December 05, 2013)

freebeacon.com  ()


If Joe Biden says no ties, or skirts around questions, about his son and China.  He’s also bullshitting.



A serious China problem. . .




Remember he’s Sleepy Creepy Full of Shit Uncle Joe Biden.

Thank you WebCrawler.com for still rocking it all these ages.

Sleepy Creepy Full of Shit Uncle Joe Biden

His nickname is reaching levels not seen before. . .


Creepy Joe

The fact that this is now trending brings bursts of laughter to my sides.  Go ahead and run #CreepyJoe.  It will be a #KO.  That smile on @POTUS’s face!  HAHAHAHAHA!  Get that sicko!  #DrainTheSwamp

From Breitbart.com

From ZeroHedge.com 10 Videos of Creepy Joe being creepy.