The Real Supremacy

There has been recent headlines pointing to antisemitism in the United States. This has been an issue way before President Trump got elected. There is something first to point out. Some believe there is a difference between antisemitism and anti-Zionism. While antisemitism is the hatred of all Jews, anti-Zionism is more directed towards the State of Israel.  It is not so much the people of the State of Israel, rather the means deployed to create the State.  Zionists, as some argue, make life just as difficult for the Semites, as they do for the rest of us. Most Jewish people are not bad people at all. I have friends who are Jews, they act nothing of the stereotypes. How did the stereotypes get started then? Something got it rolling, and it wasn’t those suffering that contributed. Yet through the actions of a few, there is a stigma on their own counterparts. “It’s the Jews!” After all they did kill Christ, didn’t they?

I’m guilty of blindly casting blame myself.  It’s much easier to throw a newspaper on it, (“It’s the Jews!”) than to explain.  Explaining takes much more time to get to the end of. If you started to explain, do you have all their answers?  How would the other person look at you?  Mouth agape, in shock, perhaps horror?  It’s for this reason, that inspired this. Maybe this is the kind of conversation we really do need to have. Forget the Jewish question, there are Jews on this Earth. That is no question. It is also not all Jews. So that makes this much bigger.  I aim to the largest part of the problem. “Globalism, Zionism, or Elitism”, they all  (in short) are pretty much viewed the same, however I will try to fit the terms to the context. All these ‘ism’s’ represent International power, and money for themselves; while providing, enslavement, and poverty for everyone else.  In a way, they all represent supremacy.

If you want peace.

We often see blame pushed incorrectly, yet never at the root cause. They blame the gun, not the shooter. They blame the good, not the evil. They blame the content, not the persons lack of capacities. They just cast blame. When the finger continuously gets pointed right back at them, the guilty, they get pissed!  How many coincidences throughout history?

Throughout history powerful families have manipulated the will of the people from all walks of the World. The Rothschild’s, the Rockefeller’s, JP Morgan, etc.  Building mass empires with World wide influence, yet the unfortunate are stuck in a system where they must obey, and do the work in order to survive. Those that shun this system are outcast. The, ‘bums, drifters, hobos’, the ones who are always down on their luck, but really the most free people on the planet. “Elitist’s” will enrich themselves in the name of charity. Very little goes to those that need the help. Those outcasts are like yesterdays unwanted trash. The rich getting richer. The poor with not a chance in hell of catching up.

Income Gap Chart

The true net wealth of the Rothschild’s is more of an imaginary figure. Who really knows?  Though some have estimated net worth at more than $500 Trillion. When paper trails in campaign donations lead directly to both the candidates, and the Rothschild’s, how is this not manipulation or influence of Government?  This has occurred on both sides of the aisle.  For example: John McCain (PDF) had the Federal Elections Commission looking into him for donations from Lord Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild. Hillary Clinton, like McCain also received plenty of funding from the Rothschild’s as well as the House of Saud.  It is not just individuals it is also organizations, companies, and lobbyists who do the bidding too. The swamp of Washington. The swamp of the World.  These people care less about your freedom, and more about their power. They will topple governments, murder, lie, cheat, and steal. They hide in the shadows, while a fall guy takes the blame. Control over the narrative is achieved by the media. If you question this, ask yourself why the bi-polar opposites in our society? They have created media designed to guide by emotion. We are taught to trust, so we trust blindly. They play off that emotion. Republican, Democrat, there is little difference when it comes to the media. It’s biased.

The Clintons with Rothschilds

The Jewish lobby is one of the most powerful lobbies in the United States. According to JVL, Jews make up roughly 3% of the US population, yet they have been the most influential force in American Politics. Millions have been dumped into political campaigns to elect a person to Government of the “Elites” will. The “Kingmakers.”  Quite a few in congress had or do have duel citizenship. They are able to influence politics freely in the most powerful country on Earth, while looking out for their own interests far away.

There is also still the ongoing issue with organized crime, which run the drugs, and trafficking.  Organized crime we used to think of as stereotypical Italian mobsters.  How many of those mobsters are “Elitists”?

Think about something horrific in the past.  President Kennedy for example.  As you research you find Jack Rubenstein (Ruby), Communist powers of the USSR, and Cuba during the Cold War.  Sources of funding.  You will also find just how in bed the CIA (PDF) was with the media (PDF).  As you study you begin to spot the Global force, or “Globalism”.   Suddenly it’s not so hidden any more.  Suddenly it stares you right in the face.  Explore more, see what else you find.  You begin to see a pattern.  Pick any negative historical event, and dig deep enough, you will find these “Elitists”.

These Globalist have their claws into everything from the media, social media, porn industry, movie industry, real estate, Governments, and banks to list just a few.  They use the above listed, to sway opinion, to silence truth, divide people further, and create laws that lean in their favor.  They control the Federal Reserve, do you think money is ever of short supply?  This is the kind of power we are all up against.

There is a lot of information out there.  I encourage you to explore, and to learn for yourselves.  I have included plenty of links to sources, I hope they are helpful, and provide a pathway to learning even more. Your mind, use it.

To wrap up, free speech is important.  We have this as a Right in our Constitution for a reason.  Even hate speech is free speech.  So why is a truthful conversation suddenly an enemy?  Why are certain groups protected?  What entitles them this supremacy?  We should be able to have true honest discussion, without awkward moments.  After all isn’t that what helps us understand as people?


The Baked Cat

Key Pieces From The JFK Files

jfk and jackie 0


  • Memo from J. Edgar Hoover stating the public should be led to believe Oswald was a lone assassin.

j edgar hoover memo on jfk


  • Teamsters Union claims responsibility.

teamsters union claims responsibility for jfk assassination


  • Same Teamsters Union, and FBI collusion to Assassinate Castro.


  • Soviets knew it was a coup [Page 3]
  • LBJ was behind it [Page 5]

the communists new


  • Jews involved.  [Page 64]

jews involved in the assassination of JFK


  • CIA infiltrated media, church, and missionaries.  [Page 3]
  • There were over 40 journalists working for the CIA in the media.  [Page 17]

cia involved with churches and journalists


  • CIA-NBC connection confirmed.  [Page 2]

nbc colluding cover up of JFK assassination


  • Two shooters, one escaped.  [Page 3]
  • Shooter may have escaped in a Cuban aircraft.

more than one shooter in jfk assassination


  • Missing file.  [Page 2]


  • Rockefeller Commission: Oswald was an agent of the CIA, or an agent of… [Page 4]

oswald was agent of cia or


  • Ruby, and a communist police officer framed Oswald.  [Page 2]


  • Oswald was a communist.  [Page 2]


  • Oswald was never in Mexico.  [Page 38]


  • People appearing in the Elena Garro scenario may have been CIA agents.  [Page 4]

cia at oswald party


  • Claims that Dallas Police were John Birch Society; Ruby shot JFK, Ruby then shot Oswald to tie up loose ends.


  • FBI knew about Ruby

fbi knew about jack ruby


JFK Files Released

Here are the links for bulk downloading:

jfk assassination
Completely download all 11 files to the same directory then open to unzip all.
Otherwise you can browse at