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Liddle Adam Deep Schitt

Liddle Adam Schitt with Haitian Baby

Digging a little further on the under belly of the internet, so thought, “Hey! Let’s take another Schitt.”  So basically this is Liddle Adam Schitt Part 2.  Will start with current and try to go in order from newest to oldest.  Enjoy.

Little Adam Deep Schittbreitbart.com (October 3, 2019)

Little Adam Schitt Treason1776again.com (February 2, 2018 *Original Date*) Not a big Corsi fan, (in fact he blocked me on Twitter. lol) but he has his Schitt together sometimes.

Q Pin Ppints Liddle Adam Schittqmap.pub (February 1 2018)

Standard Hotel Owner Dead In Helicopter Crashwehoville.com (January 31, 2018)

 Little Adam Schitt Colbertthehill.com (June 20, 2006)

I’m sure you’ll find the other stuff too.  Happy digging.

Little Schitt

Liddle Adam Schitt On The Potty


OIG Report On Comey & Assistant Attorney General

Findings of Misconduct by a Then Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Misuse of DOJ-Issued Computers and for False Statements.

Source:  Oversight.gov


“This report describes the investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ or Department) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) into the creation, storage, and handling of certain memoranda (Memos) written by former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James B. Comey.”

OIG Report On James Comey

Source:  Oversight.gov

OIG_Comey_Report (In House PDF)


FBI Covered Up Potential Violations of Law by Hillary Clinton

FOIA docs from Judicial Watch reveal Obama FBI coverup of potential Hillary Clinton crimes.



FBI Hillary Clinton Cover Up


State Strzok Page Emails


FOIA Via Judicial Watch

In house PDF Download:  JW-v-State-Strzok-Page-Emails-production-5-00154

Senate Request Second Special Council – AG Response

US Senate Judiciary Committee Request For 2nd Special Council

US Senate Judiciary Committee Request

Source:  judiciary.senate.gov (PDF Download)

Source:  2018-03-15 CEG LG JC TT to AG DAG (Special Counsel) (PDF Download)



AG Letter In Response

AG Letter

Source:  assets.documentcloud.org  (PDF Download)

Source:  AG Letter Re IG and Huber Reviews  (PDF Download)

U.S. House of Reps Memo & FISA Summary

U.S. House of Representatives
Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence

U.S. House of Representatives memo

Source:  https://intelligence.house.gov (PDF Download)

HPSCI Memo Key Points (PDF Download)


U.S. House of Representatives
Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence
FISA Summary

U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence FISA summary

Source:  https://intelligence.house.gov  (PDF Download)