Nervous Jake


I defend President Trump, because what he is doing is right.  You assholes are hell bent on destroying what “good” is.  Finally something truly “good” comes along, and your true colors come out.  You disguise/distort what is good.  Who is really right/wrong, and what is really true/false.  Tough shit for you, I like winning.  I believe the People enjoy winning too. Power belongs with our People.  Freedom belongs to our People.  Prosperity belongs to our People.  The People don’t believe your bullshit anymore.  You like stats?  Here is mine.  (Screenshot Snapped and added 10/01/2019)

Year To October 1st Stats For

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Jake Tapper With ABC News

Pipeline Jake Tapper

H Rice Tapper

Jake Tapper Benghazi

Race Baiting Jake Tapper

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