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Chuck Grassley to Secret Service – Hunter Biden Conflicts of Interest

Senator Chuck Grassley (R) Iowa sent a letter to the Secret Service in regrads to Hunter Biden and his travels while in China.   The letter is seeking answers to possible conflicts of interest.  Read below:

Source:  grassley.senate.gov

Source (In house download):  Hunter Biden -Conflicts of Interest

President Trump’s Ukraine Call Transcript

Here is President Trump’s Ukraine Call Transcript Via FoxNews.com

In House Archive:  Trumps Ukraine Call Transcript

Mueller Report Released – No American Collusion

After years of bleating from the fake news, millions of dollars wasted on a bullshit witch hunt, threats of impeachment, and the tarnishment of good patriot’s reputations.  The report, in the interest of transparency, is finally available to the American people.

Have a read for yourselves.

The Mueller Report

Source: Justice.gov


Kavanaugh Accusers Referred To DOJ

Kavanaugh Accuser Referred to DOJ

Senator Grassley Letter To DOJ  (PDF Download)

Source:  theepochtimes.com

Kavanaugh Accusers Referred to DOJ

Second Accuser Referred

2nd Kavanaugh Accuser Referred


Source:  theepochtimes.com

Source:  FoxNews.com

Source:  townhall.com

Senate Request Second Special Council – AG Response

US Senate Judiciary Committee Request For 2nd Special Council

US Senate Judiciary Committee Request

Source:  judiciary.senate.gov (PDF Download)

Source:  2018-03-15 CEG LG JC TT to AG DAG (Special Counsel) (PDF Download)



AG Letter In Response

AG Letter

Source:  assets.documentcloud.org  (PDF Download)

Source:  AG Letter Re IG and Huber Reviews  (PDF Download)