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Dear Alyssa Milano

Alyssa MilanoBreitbart.com

Dear @Alyssa_Milano,

Miss chair-twat of the Pound ME TOO movement.  Kindly shut the fuck up.  Your voice is fingernails screeching across the chalkboard.  I respect your speech as it is FREE in this Country, but as far as moral character, hehe, you might want to check your privilege. Melissa Milano Nudes  More Alyssa Milano Newds at


Inspector General’s Report – Review of Four FISA Applications

My bad, been working a lot lately.  Great economy and all.  I let this slide for a couple days.  I have really been tuning the noise out, rather than sitting around listening to sound bytes.  I believe I have a good understanding of what is going on otherwise, why feed the bullshit?  Still MSM likes to bury shit, and I’d rather put that shit that the MSM doesn’t want you to see, available so you can see.   So here, belated, is the report.

Four-FISA-Applications Inspector General's Report

Source:  Oversight.gov

Source:  Inspector General’s Report – Review of Four FISA Applications (In House Archive)



KAG 2020 Rally – Hershey Pennsylvania

President Trump held a Keep America Great rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania today.  Watch below via FoxNews.


Trump Pence 2020



KAG 2020 Rally – Sunrise Florida

President Trump held a Keep America Great rally in Sunrise, Florida the 26th of November, 2019.  Watch below Via:  FoxNews


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Yeppers, took the time and put together a Directory, free to use for this here little old site.  If you visit, you enjoy, or perhaps you just want to take advantage of my high metrics you are FREE to do so.  There is no cost.  The links will remain permanent with no renewal fees.  They will be reviewed.  Anything that is shit tier will be rejected.  You can always contact me via the Skype drop down in the right-hand side bar, if you think there should be some other Categories added.  It’s easy to do, would be happy to oblige.


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