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Creepy Joe

The fact that this is now trending brings bursts of laughter to my sides.  Go ahead and run #CreepyJoe.  It will be a #KO.  That smile on @POTUS’s face!  HAHAHAHAHA!  Get that sicko!  #DrainTheSwamp

From Breitbart.com

Creepy Joe

From ZeroHedge.com 10 Videos of Creepy Joe being creepy.

Dog With Two Assholes

Dog With Two Assholes

Forgot To Close The Door

John McCain Dead – Mating Dolphins


Editor’s Note:   I have added links from the news coverage that has since hit the web below.

Source:  independent.co.uk

Source:  sputniknews.com

Source:  rt.com

Source:  washingtonpost.com

When A Def Person Asks For The Time

when a def person asks for the time