To be honest, I have done little in the way of Pinterest.  It was linked, but was disabled.  The pins that were saved the most were old ass Spider Man memes that any half-wit can find by a google search.  The others where mainly pins from here with information, or in some cases memes made attacking the DEMONrat party.  Nancy Dry Pocket Pelosi, Liddle Adam Schitt, Liddle Adam Deep Schitt, where just a few pokes at the left.   Oh yeah and Dog With Two Assholes. They gave me no warnings.  I don’t give a shit what the email says.  I had to look in the junk folder for the reply to my inquiry.  No sore feelings here. Added to list.  Shiterest

Pinterest Bans The Baked Cat

Said I’d make some noise. . .

The Baked Cat Banned on Pinterest