Don’t ya just miss being a kid? I still am one, and I’m a grown ass man. Though my youth was fun, I’m not sure how it is in this day, and age for these little monsters.  Birthed by vaginas bearing the official seal of Hell. Kinda funny the change over the generations. We used to get the shit kicked out of us. That was usually enough encouragement not to do something stupid, unless the stupid thing was worth the ass kicking.

My folks never bailed me out of anything either.  Perhaps why I have such a hardcore approach when it comes to other people’s problems. “Figure it out.” Usually my reply, unless I actually have something on the subject to say. You know, like those lessons learned type of things, we all have a basket of.

When we where young, we’d beat the shit out of each other, tease the shit out of each other, and look for trouble. Not that we ever had too look to far. Point is we where not coddled. There was always that one over protective liberal family with some real pussies for kids. We toughened them up though.

It’s just surprising to see, participation trophies. You either won, or you lost. You might of came close, hence 2nd place, but at the end of the day you still fucking lost. Is it really that easy to just cater to everyones little hearts desires, or is it really that hard to accept you fucking lost? Let’s be serious, what is the first thing these kids are going to do when they fall down a little? “My world is ending. No more snack cakes for a week.”

Seriously I think it’s time to bring back spankings, or hang the little shits by their toes for a couple hours from the tree in the back yard. Show them a thing or two about respect. In the long run, if these little pricks are going to be caring for us when we are older. I think no better time than now.

Yes I am endorsing child abuse, but not in the sense of beating the shit out of them literally. Just enough to teach a lesson. Isn’t that how we learned about hot, and cold?  I knew I sure had a lot more respect for the stove, after I burned the fuck out of my finger when I was 5 years old.

Bottom line.  I think this whole rant is boiling down to, respect.  Have a little, teach a little, and learn a little. In such a fucked up world, it maybe the one thing that brings us all together. Respect, and a little laughter.

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