Doggo Summons the Forces of Nature

Doggo appears to be passing something of serious diameter.  Good luck Doggo!

1496536057709 - Doggo Summons the Forces of Nature

Dark humor @ The Baked Cat

Waffle Stomping

Nothing like waffle-stomping to get the day off right.

aNKbqNA 700b - Waffle Stomping


Keep the mud out of your blood.  Protect your heritage. 

images - Purity

Suddenly Surrounded

That moment when. . . 

9740fb220944705800a84f8f73af51253eb0a3240abac8368504c6e6ef2efd01 - Suddenly Surrounded

Dark humor @ The Baked Cat

Good Goy

“Good Goy Tyrone!”

e660bcf1409e89a584aa38f35829e74956e79cfdbae7a795db815d070ab34780 - Good Goy

Moonman – 49 Faggots and 1 Dune Coon


Little Moon music for the soul.

Moonman drops some red pills, with “49 Faggots and 1 Dune Coon”.

Gas the Kikes Man

Pepe here with a friendly reminder. . 

041d1ece0a6d412d66d710a6628f0d04a55b314630f11ae48b0178f8e8f7827f - Gas the Kikes Man

Carry on. 

The Real Anons

The real Anons of the internet.  Don’t be fooled by impostors. 

1de3b474e6143fac06173b22708f31c5f97455e26dfb2d509a75684cbdde09a6 - The Real Anons


Liberal Playbook

Always good to know your enemy. 

8845b9cad23bef4df9482b9c517ead3f liberal democrats liberal logic - Liberal Playbook

Little Rock Shooting

Video footage inside the Power Ultra Lounge in Little Rock as shots rang out. 

A shooting in a Little Rock, Ark., nightclub has left at least 28 people injured, according to local police, who said they did not believe it was a terrorist-related attack.