9-11 Zionist Fuckery

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Image result for these blast points too accurate for sand people

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How did they have ‘it’ ready to ‘pull it’?

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Dancing Israelis

Follow the (((nose))), and you will find out who’s behind the (((news))).

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Fuck Google

Help fuck (((Google))) download AdNauseam today!

Screenshot 13 - Fuck Google

Screenshot 14 - Fuck Google

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Huma Abedin FOIA Produce Connections with Soros and Rothschilds

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Screenshot 1 - Huma Abedin FOIA Produce Connections with Soros and Rothschilds

Lefty Losers

The Democrats are expected to really take it in the shorts in 2018.  Bout time, Fuck you commie bastards. 

Screenshot 31 - Lefty Losers

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