How A VPN Tunnel Works

Will let the diagram below explain how a VPN works, and how it protects you.



We are not the type to hype some shit up for no reason.  I first found out about Private Internet Access VPN’s while looking for a duo alternative for my Linux, and my Windows boxes.  Downloaded an old friend, OpenVPN, but was on a limited gig plan.  I could either get all my friends to join, hoping for more VPN time, or pay for a year.   Look below, you will see the affordability, and the features (Including Unlimited Bandwidth).


Have had nothing but good service, and great up-time from PIA.  Perfect for the novice, who just wants to be secure, and very handy for the skilled, to jump locations in a hurry.   The other thing you’ll find amazing is there is an ap you can download, so you can use it on your smart phones, and possibly even iFags.

We enjoy sharing laughs, and bringing happiness to peoples faces.  We also love triggering people for our own amusement.  However we are a loyal bunch, and when we see a product or a service that actually works, and is good for the consumer, we stand behind it.  It’s a great service.  Don’t just take our word for it.

Check it out:  PrivateInternetAccess VPN’s

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