George B Tonks is a survivor of sexual abuse as a child.  George was first drugged and sexually abused at 12 years old.  Then told to stay quiet or his parents would be told that he was gay.  This was blackmail the elites used to keep him silent.  They showered him with money, gifts, and was introduced to the world of modeling at an early age. George went on to meet other adult men, including Leslie Wexner.  George has passed all polygraph tests given to him.  He has one hell of a dark story to tell, I wish to help get his story out to the public.  In the hopes to expose the pedophiles, and bring George justice.  George is good friends with Maria Farmer, who is a survivor of Jeffery Epstein.  Together they are speaking out.  Below is a list of interviews with both George B Tonks and Maria Farmer.  I hope this helps shed light on the darkness of the elites in this World. I will add more interviews as they come.  In their own words, I give you the story of George B Tonks.

George on Shaun Attwoods Podcast

George on The Rachel Hamm Show