It all started with CNN threatening to release the personal information of an American citizen, (using an alias) whom created a .gif President Trump tweeted on twitter.  From there, the shit storm that hit CNN was by far one of the greatest things in modern times.  The Internet attacked, and with venom.  Faxing Pepe’s to CNN’s fax lines, Dox’n CNN’s employees, and emailing CNN’s sponsors to pull funding from the Fake News Kingpin.

The Goldwater for more on the stories details.

[See bottom of page on how you can help in destroying (((CNN))).]


Some of the many memes for #CNNBlackMail.


How you can help.  Contact CNN’s Sponsors using this email template, and this bulk mailer. Twitter and Fedberg also are great ways to shitpost and spread the news (Considering the social media accounts are provided).